Flat Belt Conveyors: 4 Reasons to Love Them

Flat Belt Conveyors: 4 Reasons to Love Them

Inside the car wash tunnel, the most important piece of equipment is your conveyor. Moving cars through the wash is what you’re here for, so it’s worthwhile to select the best conveyor for the job. While chain and roller systems have long dominated the industry, many are making the leap to flat belt conveyors. Why? We’re rounded up a few of the top reasons these systems are gaining traction.

They’re easier for customers.

Admit it—lining up your wheels with the chain and roller track can be a little intimidating as a driver. Not to mention the possibility of damage to your vehicle if you don’t follow the rules about turning, braking, or shifting out of neutral. Flat belt conveyors follow none of these rules. Drivers can easily pull onto the belt and be transported on a safe, worry-free ride to a cleaner car.

They put cars through the tunnel faster.

Cars can enter the tunnel at a faster rate and pull closer to one another on the belt, allowing for a quicker throughput. Plus, there’s no waiting for an attendant to wave you onto the track and fewer opportunities for errors that slow the process. And more cars through your wash means more revenue.

They’re easier to maintain.

Flat belt conveyors are sleeker and simpler in design than their chain and roller counterparts. With fewer moving parts, the equipment has less chance to fail or malfunction, halting car wash business and depleting your bottom line.

They wash more vehicle types.

A flat, wide belt means you’re free from the size restrictions a chain and roller system might impose. Think massive duallies or low-profile sports cars—potential customers you’d miss out on with a size-restrictive track.

Have questions about conveyor systems and which type is right for your wash? Contact a Harrell’s rep today to learn more about the features and benefits available to you!


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