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    Here to help bring an idea into reality.

  • Development


    We have the tools you need to succeed.

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    Industry-trained technicians at  your service.

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    Endless opportunities for steady revenue…

  • Careful Site Selection

    We partner with you to identify and lay out the most profitable location for your car wash.

  • Smart Financing

    We match you with trusted institutions that understand the business and trajectory of
    car washes.

    PDQ Financing

  • The Best Equipment

    We steer you to the right equipment choices and back you with industry-leading technicians.

  • Superior Service

    Stay open to profits with scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs all day, every day.

  • Parts, Supplies & Chemicals

    We are the largest OEM stocking distributor for PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., Carolina Pride, Cat Pumps and more.

  • Proven Marketing

    Experienced advice on customer loyalty programs, advertising, and other ways to maximize profits.

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    Your Roadmap for Success in the Car Wash Industry

    Harrell’s knows what it takes to be profitable in the car wash industry. We’ve spent 40 years developing a formula for success on when, where, and how to make a profitable car wash investment. We assist you every step of the way, with site selection, site layout, building contractors, financial institutions, equipment suppliers, existing wash remodels, return on investment data, and other information. We help you make informed decisions about your potential investment, then our industry-leading team of associates, equipment suppliers, solutions suppliers, and parts suppliers help you receive the very highest return on your investment.

    Harrell’s provides investors — including automobile dealers and convenience stores — with consultative support. Our approach allows investors to fully understand the technology requirements, resource commitment and financial investment it takes to be successful. For example, although price is an important factor in any investment, it should not be your only consideration. We can show you how purchasing quality equipment directly affects your long-term profitability.

    Our consultative support includes guidance on such critical tasks as:

    • Analyzing your site selection and layout
    • Engaging building contractors
    • Identifying financial institutions
    • Assessing modifications for remodeling an existing wash
    • Providing accurate financial data for assessing your return on investment

    From analyzing the initial opportunity to implementing the full site, Harrell’s Car Wash Systems provides a complete, end-to-end solution.