• We Dig the Tunnel!

    We Dig the Tunnel!

    Wash more cars per hour.

  • Fully Functional.

    Fully Functional.

    Not just another pretty wash.

  • More Revenue!

    More Revenue!

    Set higher wash prices.

  • Clean. Dry. Shiny.

    Clean. Dry. Shiny.

    Let us focus on the details.

We Have Tunnel Vision

Each day, tunnel systems in the United States wash over 45,000 vehicles. Customers want the fast, efficient, and reliable deep clean that tunnel systems provide. Each manufacturer we represent demonstrates cutting edge technology with reliable expertise and continued value for investors.

Take a look at some of our tunnel equipment options below or call Harrell’s Northeast at 866-343-6680 for more information!

  • Tunnel Systems


    Harrell’s Car Wash Systems deliver superior solutions for car washes of all sizes, whether it’s a 50′ tunnel or a 200′ tunnel system. Operators of our tunnels set themselves apart from the competition by producing cleaner vehicles, washing higher volumes, and by offering additional products and services that target key areas to provide the value and extra touch their customers are looking for.

    Red truck exiting Tommy Car Wash Tunnel

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  • Tunnel Options


    Our equipment is designed for performance first. When you visit you’ll see, firsthand, some of the cleanest cars in the world coming out of our facility at express speeds. Clean, shiny, dry – and fast. That’s our specialty.

    Tommy Car Wash Arch

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  • Conveyor Systems


    Our systems are designed for high volume, high-speed car washes with minimal maintenance and the lowest incidence of customer complaints. At Harrell’s, we look to offer expertise, as well as quality equipment and outstanding service.

    Truck in Tommy Car Wash on Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor

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  • Solution Dispensing


    Curb solution waste and excess inside your tunnel. Invest in smarter, cost-effective dispensing options for a cleaner (and greener) wash experience.

    Carolina Pride Simplicity 4-Bay Single Solution System

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