• Getting the Job Done

    Getting the Job Done

    Set the bar in self-serve wash equipment.

Superior Self Serve

Self Serve car washes account for nearly ONE THIRD of all car washes in the United States! For decades, customers have enjoyed utilizing the convenience and technology of self serve washes. With more options than ever, Harrell’s Car Wash Systems can get you set up with a complete wash system, meter boxes, accessories, signage or dryers — We’ve got you covered!

Harrell’s is committed to providing quality self serve equipment. Check out some of our featured products from Carolina Pride or call Harrell’s Northeast at 866-343-6680 for more information!

  • Performa™ Series


    The Performa™ Series Wash Systems by Carolina Pride are designed with only one criteria: make it the best self-service wash system possible. The Performa™ 6000 Six Bay Wash System shown comes as a complete system with foaming tire cleaner, pre-soak, high-pressure soap, foaming brush, high-pressure rinse and wax.

    All wash systems come with eye-catching and informative bay signage to ensure proper customer usage of services and produce extra service revenues.

    Carolina Pride Performa Series

  • EXPRESS™ Series

    Complete Six Bay System

    The EXPRESS™ Series by Carolina Pride is the perfect solution for smaller washes. The complete, compact system is designed for self-serve washes with one to six bays. Customize with options like low water safety shut-offs and rinse tank immersion heater.

    Carolina Pride EXPRESS Series

  • Optimax Series

    Space Saving System

    The Optimax Series by Carolina Pride packs a big punch with a compact footprint. At only 6’1 high and 2’11 deep, the Optimax innovation is the chemical injection panel that allows for multiple solutions and quick solution conversion.

    Carolina Pride Optimax Series

  • MINIMAX System

    One-Bay System

    The MINIMAX system by Carolina Pride is created specifically for one-bay car washes. The small system keeps costs low and saves space in your equipment room, making it the ideal compact choice.

    Carolina Pride MINIMAX Series

  • Solution Distribution

    Three Solution System

    Carolina Pride brings a simple, economical design to solution dispensing for self-serve bays through its Simplicity Solution Dispensing System. Choose from single solution or three solution models in both pre-wired and non-wired units.

    Carolina Pride Simplicity Solution Dispensing System

  • Wall Pack™

    Compact Foaming System

    Designed to take up minimal space in your equipment room, Carolina Pride’s Wall Pack Low Pressure System can expand to any number of self-serve bays. Systems are turn-key for a variety of cleaning solutions.

    Carolina Pride Wall Pack Low Pressure System

  • Turbo Dry™


    The Turbo Dry™ is a high speed air dryer for use by customers at self serve car washes. The device is operated by inserting money and activating blower motors that force air through a hose to a nozzle held and directed by the customer.

    With a super tough nozzle and by eliminating the dump valve we have made a more efficient and powerful drying system. It’s faster, touchless and delivers a spot-free dry.

    Carolina Pride Turbo Dry

  • Meter Boxes


    Through Carolina Pride, Harrell’s Car Wash Systems offers Replacement Meter Doors, Vault Bill Acceptors & Mercury Card Readers. With the addition of a Vault Bill Acceptor & Mercury Card Reader, you can begin accepting additional payment options at your self serve bays.

    Carolina Pride Meter Box

  • Crescent Vacuum Stanchion

    Superior Vacuum Service

    Carolina Pride’s industrial grade stanchions catch the eye with customizable colors and provide the highest-quality vacuum services for your self-serve car wash.

    Caroline Pride Crescent Vacuum Stanchions

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