• Midwest Region

    Midwest Region

Harrell’s Midwest

Our Midwest region includes Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. The Harrell’s team of associates, equipment suppliers and solutions suppliers are here for every step your car wash investment—from startup to success.

  • Airlift Doors, Inc.

    Airlift Doors, Inc. has been a leader in the commercial door business for over 25 years. They’ve been manufacturing air powered openers since 1979 and polycarbonate doors since 1991. They specialize in car care applications and have extensive expertise in car washes and service bays.

  • AVW

    AVW believes in manufacturing innovative car washing equipment. From its start in repairing car wash equipment to its current position as a leading global manufacturer of advanced car wash systems, their business philosophy has remained constant: simplify the design and use high-quality materials to build reliable and durable car wash components.

  • Carolina Pride

    Carolina Pride is committed to bringing on the very best technology and equipment to its customers, with systems that provide flexibility for individual needs and that utilize high-speed internet connections for payment processing, remote fleet account management and more.

  • Fragramatics

    Since 1978, Fragramatics has manufactured innovative, quality-built car care products and backed them with an uncompromising commitment to customer service. Their vacuum combination units, vacuum island packages, pedestal mount fragrance and shampoo dispensers, full-service fragrance dispenser and liquid products represent the most comprehensive line on the market.

  • G&G Industrial Lighting

    G&G engineers industrial LED lighting for the car wash environment. From tunnel and in-bay automatic lighting, to vacuum arch and high-power color and effect lighting, G&G delivers lighting solutions that work to your wash facility.

  • Istobal

    Istobal is the leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of wash solutions for truck, bus and rolling stock sectors. Products are exported to more than 75 countries with a world-wide network of distributors, seven subsidiaries and two assembly plants in Europe, and two subsidiaries and manufacturing plants in the US and Brazil.

  • Nuform Building Technologies, Inc.

    Nuform’s high performance ceiling and wall paneling systems are specially designed to withstand the unique challenges of a vehicle wash building. For automatic, tunnel, self-service, bus and truck washes, Nuform’s building material provides a maximum return on your investment using systems that are virtually maintenance-free.

  • PDQ Manufacturing, Inc.

    Founded in 1984, PDQ Manufacturing has defined innovation in the vehicle wash industry. As part of OPW, a Dover Company, PDQ continues its global leadership role as the world’s largest manufacturer of touch-free vehicle wash systems.

  • Tommy Car Wash Systems

    With over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, Tommy Car Wash Systems inventories a full line of world-class stainless steel equipment. Their stainless steel round arches balance function, durability and aesthetic appeal, setting your wash apart from the competition.

  • Armor All Extreme Shine

    Increase your revenue with a deeper shine and smoother finish. This product features a unique additive that when gently polished in produces a deeper shine and smoother finish. The luxurious foam, vibrant purple color, and fast rinse mean an enjoyable experience for your customers and greater revenue for you.

  • Blue Coral

    As one of the most trusted brands in the industry, Blue Coral offers you the foundation of a great looking vehicle, with eco-friendly and effective cleaning products to meet any soil or water condition.

  • Rain-X

    For years, the Rain-X brand has been the first name in glass treatment for better visibility while driving. With water beading technology that changed the professional car washing game, utilize the #1 add-on extra service in the car wash industry to drive top package sales.

24/7 Support to Address All Your Needs

We offer 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year. Harrell’s Service Associates are provided with fully equipped, take-home service vehicles to expedite repair times, even after regular operating hours. Often, our Service Associates can repair your issue over the phone at no charge.

Harrell’s also offers chemicals, parts, and all the other supplies you need to keep your car wash running smoothly.

Consultative Services

Thinking about investing in a car wash? Harrell’s can help you make informed decisions about everything from site selection and layout to remodeling an existing wash. See our Investment Opportunity page for details, or give us a call today. Our team of associates, equipment suppliers, solutions suppliers, and parts suppliers is ready to help you get started!