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Systems That Work for Your Wash

Carolina Pride is committed to bringing on the very best technology and equipment to its customers. The flexibility of their Performa™ system allows customers to create the best system for their individual needs, and their Mercury™ car wash payment system utilizes high-speed internet connections to process credit cards, track and manage fleet accounts remotely, and more.

  • Performa™ Series


    The Performa™ Series Wash Systems by Carolina Pride are designed with only one criteria: make it the best self-service wash system possible. The Performa™ 6000 Six Bay Wash System shown comes as a complete system with foaming tire cleaner, pre-soak, high-pressure soap, foaming brush, high-pressure rinse and wax.

    All wash systems come with eye-catching and informative bay signage to ensure proper customer usage of services and produce extra service revenues.

    Carolina Pride Performa Series

  • Meter Boxes


    Through Carolina Pride, Harrell’s Car Wash Systems offers Replacement Meter Doors, Vault Bill Acceptors & Mercury Card Readers. With the addition of a Vault Bill Acceptor & Mercury Card Reader, you can begin accepting additional payment options at your self serve bays.

    Carolina Pride Meter Box

  • Prep Stations

    Use of prep stations allows you to loosen stubborn grime and reach spaces that are harder to reach during the wash process. Car prepping boosts your bottom line and creates an added touch customers appreciate. Carolina Pride offers single and dual gun systems featuring 50 gallon tanks, Cat pumps, and a host of options to fit your needs.

    Carolina Pride Prep Station

  • Tunnel Saver System

    This system is created to improve solution applications, reduce cost up to 20%, reduce water and sewer cost 15% to 20%, and improve cleaning. It comes with five to fifteen solution service ports, a single or dual pump operation, pre-wired, low water pump protection, individually regulated air supply and a 50 gallon supply tank.

    Carolina Pride Tunnel Saver System

  • Tunnel Saver Injection System

    The compact design of this system is cost-effective and perfect for use with reclaim systems. Features an adjustable volume solution pump, stainless steel frame, and inlet strainer. It comes with a host of options including alternative pumps, a triple foam injector manifold and dual pump operation.

    Carolina Pride Tunnel Saver Injection System

  • Super Flo-R.O.

    The Super Flo-R.O. Series is designed to handle on-site water quality issues while providing a spot free rinse. Utilizing cross-flow filtration, this system is the perfect solution in hard or soft water situations.

    Carolina Pride Super Flo-R.O.

  • Turbo Dry™


    The Turbo Dry™ is a high speed air dryer for use by customers at self serve car washes. The device is operated by inserting money and activating blower motors that force air through a hose to a nozzle held and directed by the customer.

    With a super tough nozzle and by eliminating the dump valve we have made a more efficient and powerful drying system. It’s faster, touchless and delivers a spot-free dry.

    Carolina Pride Turbo Dry