• Full-Sized Tunnels

    Harrell’s offers complete tunnel solutions to boost performance and volume, while driving down costs and labor. You get higher profits, and your customers get cleaner cars. This large-capacity tunnel system from Sonny’s is the ultimate in throughput, washing up to 180 cars per hour. It features a Double Jog Spyder Wrap Combo for cleaning, Foaminator Maxx Stream for waxing and Banana V-Jets for rain repel application. Designed for systems over 100 feet.

    Sonny's Full-Sized Tunnel System

  • Mid-Sized Tunnels

    Providing custom solutions for your business is our area of expertise. This tunnel system includes an Entrance Arch with Dual Direction Pre-Soak Applicators, a Hydraulic High Pressure Wash Arch with Octopus Mirror Blaster, and a Side-to-Side Mitter with MicroClean. Systems under 100 feet will benefit from Sonny’s mid-sized tunnel, which handles up to 90 cars per hour.

    Sonny's Mid-Sized Tunnel System

  • Mini Tunnels

    There is nothing quite like this original mini car wash tunnel system. It can convert a 35 foot rollover bay into a fully-featured compact tunnel. The Sonny’s Mini Tunnel System offers an Electric 2K14 Top Brush Combo, a Rain Multi-Arch and an HP Drying System. And even better, it can wash, wax, seal, tire shine, and dry up to 60 cars an hour.

    Sonny's Mini Tunnel System

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