• High Pressure Wash

    High Pressure Wash

    Keep your fleet gleaming.

Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial vehicles, size matters. Whether you’re spot-cleaning a small fleet vehicle or pressure washing a tanker, Harrell’s Car Wash Systems can set you up with the right equipment for the job.

We offer a lineup of Istobal HEAVYWASH products perfect for truck, bus, or commercial fleet cleaning. Check out our options below or give Harrell’s Mid-Atlantic a call at 434-975-9979 for more information!

  • HEAVYWASH Progress

    Flexible Commercial-Vehicle Rollover

    With advanced technology for commercial vehicle cleaning, the Progress comes with self-driven vertical brushes, flexible configuration, touch screen controls, and customizable colors.



    Versatile and Compact

    The Kube is ideal for any size of commercial vehicle, from vans to trailer trucks. Made from galvanized steel and fitted with vertical brushes and a shampoo-dosing system in the side columns, it provides a compact and effective wash.


  • HEAVYWASH Mono-Roll

    Light and Motorized

    Mono-Roll is the mobile single-brush system for small fleet vehicles. Light and motorized, a full-service wash is complete in under 10 minutes.

    HEAVYWASH Mono-Roll

  • HEAVYWASH Rotators

    Motorized Drive-Through

    A high-pressure drive-through system for tankers, garbage trucks, and military vehicles, this modular arch starts automatically and has up to 8 motorized rotator units.

    HEAVYWASH Rotators

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