• Make It Shine

    Make It Shine

    We have the perfect solution.

Specialty Cleaning and Protection Products

Chemistry and technology combine in modern solutions that redefine clean when it comes to vehicles. Harrell’s relies on cleaning products trusted worldwide and proven to exceed customer expectations. Start setting the standard for sparkling shine and protection that works.

  • Fusion Bath

    Break the bond of the most difficult surface contaminants with this specially-formulated low pH detergent. Applied in a thin sheet of foam that envelops the car and dazzles customers.

  • Fusion Prime

    Lift embedded road grime to prime painted surfaces for total adhesion of the Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. This ultra-low pH detergent is applied in precise streams that penetrate prior foam applications.

  • Fusion Rain Repel

    Repel water and improve all-weather glass visibility with this hydrophobic spray application. Applied to glass surfaces with precision-targeted manifolds.

  • Fusion Rinse

    Break down and remove foam residue to completely expose painted surfaces to Fusion Seal Paint Sealant. Infused into a waterfall rinse that flushes all grooves, crevices, cowlings, and behind mirrors.

  • Fusion Seal

    Lock out dirt and protect painted surfaces with our patent-pending formula that chemically bonds to the surface. Applied in dramatic overlapping droplets that evenly spread for continuous coverage.

  • Fusion Wax

    Enhance the depth and quality of the shine you deliver your customer with our exclusive poly synthetic wax blended with genuine carnauba. Applied in a cascading sheet of airy foam for complete coating.

  • Lustra

    The Lustra brand has been perfected for over 40 years and is constantly fine-tuned for optimal performance. Lustra is recognized as a global leader in chemical car wash solutions.