• Friction Wash

    Invest in brushes engineered to wash a wide range of vehicles with fluid, body-hugging cleaning power. Top brushes, side mitters, and wrap-around washers will keep your customers’ cars gleaming.

    Sonny's Full Friction 2K14 Top Brush

  • Rinse Equipment

    Sonny’s rinse options control and direct water consumption for the cleanest, most consistent and effective finish. From the Double Palooza Waterfall Rinse to Halo Rinse Arches, you’ll find exactly what your wash needs to succeed.

    Sonny's Full Halo Rinse Arch

  • Drying Systems

    Sonny’s Air Dryers feature durable components and reduced power consumption while drying vehicles thoroughly and completely. Whether it’s the Wipe-O-Matic or a Mammoth Air Drying System, we’ll help ensure the tunnel experience finishes strong.

    Sonny's Full Triple Arch Dryer System with Mammoth Dryer

  • Wall & Ceiling Liners

    Make your wash stand out with wall and ceiling panels that promote your brand’s color scheme. EZ Liner wall and ceiling panels are created to withstand high-moisture environments, durable, and easy to clean.

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