• FlowLine™ Belt Conveyor

    Invest in the best belt loading experience on the market. FlowLine™ is second-to-none in belt reliability and lowest total cost of ownership due to its superior design and construction.

    Sonnys FlowLine Belt Conveyor

  • Over/Under Conveyor

    Boasting a solid angle steel H-frame, half inch top deck, and ultra-durable log chain, the Over/Under Conveyor is a tried-and-true workhorse. Designed to accommodate and protect all styles and sizes of wheels, plus deliver a smooth transition on and off the conveyor.

    Sonny's Over/Under Conveyor

  • Shallow Pit Conveyor

    Delivers the performance and reliability of the standard conveyor while reducing the conveyor trench requirement from the 21 ¾ inches to only 15 inches. This allows for easy installation into old bays with reclaim or underground holding tanks.

    Sonny's Shallow Pit Conveyor

  • Surface Conveyor

    This heavy-duty Surface Conveyor requires only a small pit at the entrance and exit and is the ideal solution for existing buildings or where other constraints call for a limited amount of concrete work.

    Sonny's Surface Conveyor

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