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The Untouchable Leader in Wash Technology

Founded in 1984, PDQ Manufacturing has defined innovation in the vehicle wash industry. As part of OPW, a Dover Company, PDQ continues its global leadership role as the world’s largest manufacturer of touch-free vehicle wash systems. PDQ brands include LaserWash® Touchfree In-Bay Automatic Vehicle Wash Systems, ProTouch® Friction In-Bay Automatic Vehicle Wash Systems, LaserH2O® Reverse Osmosis Systems, Access® Customer Management System and MaxAir™Dryers.

  • LaserWash® AutoXpress®

    The LaserWash® AutoXpress® provides you and your customers with quick, exceptional cleaning that is unsurpassed by any other touch-free wash in the auto dealer industry. The LaserWash® AutoXpress®, provides an affordable automatic car wash designed exclusively for the auto dealer market.

  • LaserWash® Series 360™ Plus

    With more than 10,000 LaserWashes shipped worldwide, PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., takes great pride in being the leader in the in-bay automatic vehicle wash industry. The new LaserWash® 360™ Plus raises the standard again with new revenue-enhancement features and total cost-of-ownership improvements that offer wash operators the opportunity to realize the industry’s highest return on investment.

  • Tandem Surfline

    PDQ has taken our Tandem product to a new level, changing the friction in-bay automatic wash industry with a soft-touch machine like no other. The Tandem Surfline provides your customers with an exceptional wash experience incorporating an overhead design that creates a wide-open, easy-to-use wash bay.

  • Illumination Packages

    PDQ’s LaserGlow, ProGlow, OverGlow and PayGlow packages are sure to catch the eye of modern consumers. With bold customizable colors and a broad spectrum of elite services, these packages are automatic revenue boosters.

  • MaxAir®

    PDQ’s MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers. The key to MaxAir is optimizing air velocity and flow. Through innovative design, the MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer delivers high-velocity air to the vehicle surface – where it’s most important.

  • SwingAir

    The SwingAir feature is available on both stand-alone and integrated MaxAir Drying Systems and can be ordered on new car wash equipment as well as added as a retrofit kit for existing ProTouch® Tandem, LaserWash® 360™ or MaxAir® stand-alone sites.

  • Access® Pay Station

    Access is a powerful customer management system that offers complete site integration, marketing flexibility and multiple payment options.