Tandem Surfline

The Tandem Surfline – an innovative design that takes friction cleaning to a new level.

PDQ has taken our Tandem product to a new level, changing the friction in-bay automatic wash industry with a soft-touch machine like no other. The Tandem Surfline provides your customers with an exceptional wash experience incorporating an overhead design that creates a wide-open, easy-to-use wash bay. This innovative design is safe and inviting for your customers while offering all the revenue-generating features that will keep them coming back again and again. No other friction machine navigates around the vehicle as precisely as the Tandem Surfline, which ensures complete and optimal cleaning coverage for a wide variety of vehicle types, including duallys.

With the widest top brush coverage in the industry, the foam brushes are torque sensitive to monitor the contour of the vehicle and provide low-force cleaning power. The side-profiling, high-pressure wash arms effectively remove stubborn soil from the vehicle’s surface. Plus, the three stage wheel cleaning system includes chemical application, rotating soft rim scrubbers and high pressure wheel blasters.

Key Components

Two Bridges/Two Side Brushes/Two Cleaning Technologies

The Tandem Surfline’s two-bridge design allows multiple cleaning processes to take place at one time, speeding up the wash cycle, and allowing fast and efficient vehicle cleaning while optimizing the amount of water and chemicals used during the wash process. Two overhead bridges work in unison to easily navigate around and over the vehicle, seamlessly adjusting speed and positions to ensure complete and superior cleaning.

The two profiling side brushes remove stubborn dirt from the vehicle’s surface, while the widest top brush in the industry ensures full cleaning on top surface areas. This unique wash experience creates one of the quietest washes with very gentle vehicle contact, providing a worry-free and enjoyable wash every time.

The Tandem Surfline offers a combination of both friction and high-pressure touch-free washing. Full body detergent coverage plus high-pressure services, from both the side and the top, ensures a consistent, high-quality wash for every vehicle.

Structural Integrity

The Tandem Surfline mounting system provides the flexibility to fit into a wide variety of wash-bay configurations. The Surfline can be installed as a Free-Standing Frame or a Wall-Mounted machine. The New Wall-Mount System offers an open-bay feeling unlike any other light-touch machine in the industry, while the Free-Standing Frame can be used where the walls may not be structurally sufficient.

The main support rails can be adjusted during installation to accommodate wash bays of various lengths. In addition, the Precision-Loading System allows longer vehicles to fit comfortably into shorter wash bays, essentially making your wash bay one foot longer.

Non-Corrosive Materials Used

The Tandem Surfline is built using all stainless steel and aluminum for excellent resistance to water and chemical corrosion. Aluminum is strategically used for its durability and lightweight properties. The shape of the anodized extruded aluminum rails in the bridges and trolley allows for an enclosed roller design, which results in extremely low roller resistance. This reduces the power needed to move the machine and eliminates the need for rail heating in cold weather by preventing water from accumulating and freezing on the roller path…LESS power consumed = MORE $$$ saved!!!