How Social is Your Wash?
Building a Car Wash Car Wash Loyalty Program

If you’re a business owner, you’re always thinking of your customers: earning new ones, retaining old ones, giving them a great experience, growing the relationship. Without customers, your business won’t survive. Without them, there’s no you.

You’re likely already communicating with your customers in a number of ways, but if social media isn’t one of them, you’re missing out on a golden—and free—marketing opportunity. With more than 3 billion people using social media on a regular basis, your customers are already engaging with their favorite brands. Make sure yours is one of them.  


The currency of social media is eyeballs. The more viewers you get, the greater your chances of conversion. Without a presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you get zero visibility and lose out on the chance to, first and foremost, remind people you exist. Getting in front of an audience informs or reminds them about your business and your services, and that’s the first step in the right direction. Make your presence known!


Capturing attention is only part of the battle. When using social media for marketing purposes, you ultimately want to encourage action. Make each of your posts count. Share the new wash special, showcase the cool new equipment, show off the sparkling car rolling out of your tunnel—give them a reason to use your service. But remember: nobody wants to be marketed to all the time. Balance out your content by sharing helpful tips, behind-the-scenes peeks, or posts that show your personality. Connect on a real level, not just a sales level.


One of the greatest things about social media is the unique opportunity to talk directly to your customers. If someone comments on a picture or post, make sure you take time to respond! Follow, re-post, and tag other businesses in your community; they’ll probably do the same for you. Make yourself accessible and responsive, and you’ll build lasting trust in your brand.

The Tube is a car wash in Fort Wayne, Indiana that uses social media effectively to drive business and reach their customers. Using several different platforms, they’re able to share videos, promote specials, recruit new employees, share positive reviews, promote their services, and connect with their community.

Ask yourself how your own wash can use these platforms to do the same. Posting photos and engaging with users takes a bit of planning and effort, but the reward is often a customer base that grows in number and loyalty. Contact your Harrell’s rep today to talk about the best tools and plans for marketing your wash.

Car Wash Loyalty Program
Car Wash Loyalty Program

As an entrepreneur who owns a car wash, it is imperative to put a customer-loyalty program in place to make more revenues. Knowing the reason why customers are attracted to your brand is very crucial in the creation of a loyalty program that will align with your business goals. The importance of having a loyalty program for your business is to improve the way the client view your brand. A loyalty program is designed to influence your customers’ behavior and attitude to buy your products or services instead of purchasing your competitor.

The success of a loyalty program depends on how you can utilize available strategies to persuade more customers to have confidence in your business.


If you observe the changes in consumer loyalty over the last few years, you will discover that introduction of the subscription-service model is aimed at providing convenience for the consumers. Having this model is a unique opportunity that is beneficial to the business owners and the customers. Clients receive valuable services while the car wash owners realize more money on a monthly basis.

Once you can achieve the loyalty of your customers, you will make more revenues consistently. According to verified sources, customers who are signed on to a loyalty program are prone to come for more services at your car wash service center. PDQ has a feasible plan that is aimed at building customer loyalty called (Wash Access Loyalty System). The primary purpose of this program is to attract more people to the business and also ensure the old clients are satisfied with the services rendered. As a system designed for the players in the car-wash industry, it enables them to manage and execute their loyalty programs online.

How to get the best out of your loyalty program:

  • Monthly Payment: Operators of the car wash service make more money when customers pay for services on a monthly basis.
  • A loyalty program gives the customer the opportunity to wash their vehicles at a reduced price. As they patronize and wash their cars often, it will be recorded on their account that they have used the service on numerous occasions which will allow them to redeem their points on a later date.
  • Promotional Giveaways: This is another way to promote the brand of the car wash service as promotional wash codes can be printed and distributed to new customers at events.
  • Fleet: Another method is the setting up of fleet accounts with local businesses and provides a bulk washing service that is easily redeemable.
  • Raising funds: Having a connection with the immediate community by organizing fundraising events. WALS can be utilized to create single-use codes that can be downloaded and placed into personalized coupons.
  • Gift accounts can be sold to clients who want to use it for the purchase of a gift item for a loved one.

The importance of a loyalty program cannot be ignored as it is one of the best ways to make more people know more about your brand, get new leads and keep the existing clients. To achieve success, maintain a good connection with your clients, create a loyalty program to engage them and utilize working methods shared here.