3 Tips to Go From Reactive to Proactive

3 Tips to Go From Reactive to Proactive

We’ve all fallen victim to knee-jerk responses when something goes wrong at work. It’s an all-too-common scenario: something breaks, someone quits, something unexpected crops up, and suddenly you’re channeling all your energy into a crisis that wasn’t on your list for the day.

Of course, some things in life can’t be foreseen or prevented. But when it comes to running an effective car wash business, you’ll dramatically reduce downtime and avoid these reactive moments if you plan smarter on the front end.

Schedule regular equipment maintenance

It seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how often car wash operators skip over routine servicing of their wash equipment. It’s costly in every way when a critical part of your wash suddenly breaks—plus it reflects poorly on your image. Make the time to have your equipment checked and do minor repairs when necessary, and avoid the stress of an unexpected catastrophe.

Build and develop a great crew

Hiring and firing takes time, and comes with the territory of running a car wash. If you put in the leg work up front to screen and hire competent and promising employees, you’ll be rewarded in the long run. Prioritize consistent and thorough training, give ample opportunities for growth and advancement, and help to create a positive environment. A professional, happy crew makes for a better impression on customers and an overall stronger business.

Always be marketing

It’s tempting to take your foot off the gas momentarily when it comes to your marketing efforts. But don’t wait until you see a dip in your bottom line to start paying attention to how you promote your wash. Make it a continual practice to evaluate your prices, your menus, your promotions, your technology, and your engagement with customers across platforms. It’s much easier to stay alert and ahead than to come back from behind.

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