Are You Winter Car Wash Ready?

When your customers’ vehicles are caked in salt and grime, they need to have a quality winter car wash experience — one that is prepped and ready to handle those special winter issues. Weather, road construction, and competition are elements of the car wash industry that are beyond our control. These factors can make or break your business in the harsh winter months, so it is important to be prepared. Simply stated, it’s crucial to manage the factors you can control to the best of your abilities!

You always need to make sure you are getting the most from your equipment and chemicals. Keep an eye on your equipment in your car wash system area and equipment room for proper working order. Check the following areas to stay ahead of the cold-weather game:

1. Check for water and/or chemical leaks
2. Make sure chemical feed lines and foot valves are working to prevent improper dilutions and
poor cleaning
3. Replace worn nozzles and clean plugged ones for effective cleaning and rinse pressures
4. Closely monitor your pumps and hydro minders for continued working order
5. Ensure water pressures are consistent to maintain the correct chemical ratios.

When the weather gets bad, cars will get dirty, and a decent wash can be an oasis for a grimy car. The winter season’s snowy weather, salt-sprinkled roadways, and debris-filled winds will keep customers coming back for business, so it’s important to be ready to help these customers when they come a’ knockin’!

This holiday season, you may have family coming in from out of town. To prepare, you’ve got to clean house and make plans to make their stay comfortable and worthwhile. Think of your customers as your business family. Be prepared to make your customers’ visits to your car wash in winter especially valuable and worthwhile. Plan ahead to take care of your guests!

Your wash is an opportunity for success if you put in the effort. Harrell’s Car Wash Systems is happy to help you. We continue to hold the highest rank as the top leading car wash distributors in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky and we’re dedicated to your continued success! Give us a call to discuss your options for cold weather customer care. When it’s time for that winter car wash, we want them to think of you first!

Winter Car Wash