• Express Tunnels

    Harrell’s offers complete tunnel solutions to boost performance and volume, while driving down costs and labor. You get higher profits, and your customers get cleaner cars. We present Express Tunnels ranging from 85′ to 150′ and cleaning up to 150 cars per hour! These systems feature RG-440 conveyors, RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-Around Combo, RS-1000 Top Brush, Versa Arches, Tech 21 drying system, and wheel & tire add-ons.

    Express Tunnel

  • In-Bay Express Wash Conversion

    Providing custom solutions for your business is our area of expertise. With our In-Bay Express Wash Conversion, car wash operators can clean up to 50 cars per hour with as little as 35 feet! Wash Conversion system offers a Standard LT and Deluxe XLT package sure to leave your customers in awe. Featuring new technology that can triple your volume and compete with market express competitors. In-Bay Express Wash Conversion is also more economical, reducing water usage and chemical consumption.

    In Bay Express Wash

  • ExpressLane Drive-Through Systems

    Systems ideal for automotive dealers, fleet, and rental agencies wanting to integrate a vehicle wash center into their operation. ExpressLane technology offers Z-Frame combination RS-1000 Top Brush and dual forward and rear facing RS-701 SuperFlex Wrap-around brushes. These systems feature faster and gentler Envirosoft Foam and Versa Arches for pre-soak and rinse. Systems available with and without dryers.

    Express Lane Drive-Through System