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Helping You Make and Manage Money

Unitec was founded in 1983 by an electrical engineer and a carwash distributor who joined forces to develop the first discreet code entry system for the carwash market. These features have increased customer satisfaction and promoted higher purchase values.

  • C-Start®

    The unit works with in-bay automatic or conveyor car wash systems, designed for operators who wish to automate payment processes for a better customer experience. The cashless unit accepts credit cards or wash codes.

    Unitec C-Start

  • Portal TI+®

    With its progressive design, versatile marketing opportunities, expanded remote reporting capabilities, and the most complete menu of payment options available in the industry, the Portal TI+® offers technology at the point of entry for rollover, tunnel, and combo car wash systems.

    Unitec Portal TI+

  • Sentinel®

    This innovative, internet-enabled kiosk simplifies the transaction experience for car wash customers. Designed to work with any in-bay automatic or conveyor wash system, the Sentinel® is perfect for busy sites that must effectively manage higher customer volumes.

    Unitec Sentinel