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The Strength and Style of Stainless

With over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, Tommy Car Wash Systems inventories a full line of world-class stainless steel equipment. Their stainless steel round arches balance function, durability and aesthetic appeal, setting your wash apart from the competition.

  • Tommy Car Wash Systems offers a fully integrated entrance module that includes an automatic TV with instructions for customer self-loading, entrance eyes for tires, gates, and truck beds, the voice commander, and a push button station for manual control.

    Tommy Car Wash Entrance Module

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  • POD System

    Save money by eliminating the back room wall. The Tommy Car Wash POD system lets you control every function of your car wash in one place, from timing to chemistry to brush controls. The modular chemical dispensing system comes pre-plumbed and pre-wired, so your system is basically plug and play. Control over 20 chemical functions and 10 air functions running the entire length of the wash.

    Tommy Car Wash POD System

  • Tommy Car Wash Systems has combined all the best cleaning components in a single powerful module. This technological breakthrough puts the most cleaning power in the smallest space and at the lowest cost for a truly revolutionary exterior cleaning system. The All-In-One Extreme Clean Combo eliminates as much floor mounted equipment as possible to keep your wash uncluttered and easy to navigate with the lowest possible levels of mechanical interaction.

    Tommy Car Wash All-In-One Extreme Clean Combo

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  • Dual Belt Conveyor

    The Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor System replaces old chain and roller systems and is safer, easier to use, and easier to care for. Take control of the vehicles passing through your wash and safely carry them down the wash tunnel. The Transporter drastically reduces the difficulty of customer loading, allowing your entrance to operate with less oversight and overhead, and minimizes the likelihood of accidental damage.

    Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor