PROPAK® Atmospheric Boilers & Heaters
Built by Raypak® to our specifications, these 82% efficient atmospheric boilers and water heaters are tailor-made for the carwash industry. Simple to operate and maintain, our atmospheric boilers feature copper ... Read more
Raypak® Ultra High Efficiency Boilers
The Raypak® Xfyre and Xtherm boilers and water heaters are space-saving, floor-standing heaters. They’re made with durable powder coated steel cabinets, sealed combustion heat exchanger, front mounted controls, and top ... Read more
PROPAK® TM Ultra High Efficiency Boilers
PROPAK® TM model boilers and water heaters provide up to 99% operating efficiency. Combining a space saving, wall mounted design with large BTU capability makes these boilers ideal for today’s ... Read more