Sonny’s Full-Sized Tunnel
Harrell’s offers complete tunnel solutions to boost performance and volume, while driving down costs and labor. You get higher profits, and your customers get cleaner cars. This large-capacity tunnel system ... Read more
Sonny’s Mid-Sized Tunnel
Providing custom solutions for your business is our area of expertise. This tunnel system includes an Entrance Arch with Dual Direction Pre-Soak Applicators, a Hydraulic High Pressure Wash Arch with ... Read more
Sonny’s Mini Tunnel
There is nothing quite like this original mini car wash tunnel system. It can convert a 35 foot rollover bay into a fully-featured compact tunnel. The Sonny’s Mini Tunnel System ... Read more
Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor
The Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor System replaces old chain and roller systems and is safer, easier to use, and easier to care for. Take control of the vehicles passing through ... Read more
All-In-One Clean Combo
Tommy Car Wash Systems has combined all the best cleaning components in a single powerful module. This technological breakthrough puts the most cleaning power in the smallest space and at ... Read more
POD System
Save money by eliminating the back room wall. The POD system lets you control every function of your car wash in one place, from timing to chemistry to brush controls. ... Read more
Entrance Modules
Our fully integrated entrance module includes an automatic TV with instructions for customer self-loading, entrance eyes for tires, gates, and truck beds, the voice commander, and a push button station ... Read more
Tunnel Saver Injection System
The compact design of this system is cost-effective and perfect for use with reclaim systems. Features an adjustable volume solution pump, stainless steel frame, and inlet strainer. It comes with ... Read more
Tunnel Saver System
This system is created to improve solution applications, reduce cost up to 20%, reduce water and sewer cost 15% to 20%, and improve cleaning. It comes with five to fifteen ... Read more
Prep Stations
Use of prep stations allows you to loosen stubborn grime and reach spaces that are harder to reach during the wash process. Car prepping boosts your bottom line and creates ... Read more