• Moto Express Wash

    New Concept, New Opportunity…

  • Where There’s a Wheel

    Where There’s a Wheel

    There’s a way!

  • Maximize Ride Time

    Maximize Ride Time

    Get a 2-hour clean in under 5 minutes!

  • Automatic Motorcycle Wash?

    Automatic Motorcycle Wash?

    Ride On!

  • Innovation is Power

    Innovation is Power

    Bring new technology to your area.

Smart Machine. Simple Install.

Combining state-of-the-art technology gained from over 39 years in the vehicle wash industry, with innovation from “real” motorcycle riders who want to spend their time riding, not cleaning . . . Harrell’s has produced the FIRST and ONLY fully automated motorcycle wash system. With revolutionary techniques specifically designed to accommodate the growing numbers of motorcycles on the road today, the MotoWash® has transformed the standard two-hour hand cleaning, into an innovative five-minute automated process.

Experience the pride of a clean ride without the hassle of hand washing! Give Harrell’s Northeast a call at 866-343-6680 for more information!

  • Wash

    Automated Cleaning Process

    At the touch of a button, the bike is securely stabilized by a computerized system that activates blocks at the kick stand and front tire. An automated, touch-free arm moves across the bike for pre-soak, wash and a spot-free rinse while the tires are rotated and cleaned.

  • Dry

    High Performance Power

    The bike is dry in seconds. Thanks to a powerful air dryer, water spots and streaking are eliminated, leaving a spotless finish.

  • Ride

    Five Minutes to Clean

    It typically takes about two hours to wash a motorcycle by hand. Harrell’s MotoWash® takes less than five minutes. Less time cleaning means more time riding. More time riding means more repeat business for your car wash.

MotoWash® FAQs

Does the seat get wet?
Yes, but the standard MotoWash® has a 10HP dryer that makes two full passes over the motorcycle.

What about spraying water on a hot engine or exhaust pipes?
The MotoWash® starts with a complete cool down pass to decrease the temp of hot parts to an acceptable temperature to apply cleaning detergents.

What about spraying high-pressure water on the bike, that can’t be good for the electronics?
Following manufacturer recommendations, the MotoWash® utilizes a medium pressure rinse on the motorcycle body of with high pressure applied to the wheels only.

Won’t high-pressure water damage my wheel bearings?
The MotoWash® utilizes a medium-pressure rinse applied at varying angles to bearing surfaces to minimize water intrusion.

How does the motorcycle stay upright during the wash process?
After capturing the front wheel with our patented 8-point roller assembly, we secure the motorcycle’s side stand with a patented, flexible pin-locking device to hold the bike in an upright position.

We’re ready to go. What now?
When bikers can get their ride clean this easily, they’ll only want to get dirty more often! Fill out the form below to contact us for details on installing the country’s first and only automated motorcycle wash.