PROPAK® Water Softener
PROPAK® Water Softeners are built with quality components to work reliably for years, and coupled with pre-plumbed softener manifolds, will make your installation easier, too. These softeners are available with ... Read more
PROPAK® Spot Free Rinse System
Quality construction combines with stainless steel waterways and frame, so there’s no worry about corrosion or frame failure. Computerized controls monitor critical system functions such as water quality, freshwater temperature, ... Read more
PROPAK® Atmospheric Boilers & Heaters
Built by Raypak® to our specifications, these 82% efficient atmospheric boilers and water heaters are tailor-made for the carwash industry. Simple to operate and maintain, our atmospheric boilers feature copper ... Read more
Raypak® Ultra High Efficiency Boilers
The Raypak® Xfyre and Xtherm boilers and water heaters are space-saving, floor-standing heaters. They’re made with durable powder coated steel cabinets, sealed combustion heat exchanger, front mounted controls, and top ... Read more
PROPAK® TM Ultra High Efficiency Boilers
PROPAK® TM model boilers and water heaters provide up to 99% operating efficiency. Combining a space saving, wall mounted design with large BTU capability makes these boilers ideal for today’s ... Read more