Entrance Modules

Our fully integrated entrance module includes an automatic TV with instructions for customer self-loading, entrance eyes for tires, gates, and truck beds, the voice commander, and a push button station for manual control.

Pod System

The POD control system has all critical function located on one 9′ board with line of sight to most of the car wash functions, including timing, chemistry, and brush controls. The POD puts you in control and there is no better way to manage and master your equipment setup!

All in One Clean Combo

Tommy Car Wash Systems has combined all the best cleaning components in a single powerful module. This technological breakthrough puts the most cleaning power in the smallest space and at the lowest cost for a truly revolutionary exterior cleaning system. The All-In-One Combo eliminates as much floor mounted equipment as possible to keep your wash uncluttered and easy to navigate with the lowest possible levels of mechanical interaction.

top brush2
RS-1000 Evolution Top Brush

This simple piece of equipment outperforms any mitter and tackles problem areas such as windshield eyebrows, front grills and upper rear windows…even on tough-to-clean vehicles such as SUVs, vans and pick-up trucks.   And, to get twice the cleaning power, RS-1000 Top Brush single-leg design allows for the installation of two counter-rotating brushes. Ideal for both retro-fits and new sites, with quick and easy installation and minimal downtime.

Tech 21 Advanced Drying System

The Tech 21 system is customizable to meet the needs of each car wash, and to fit varying space requirements. This advanced drying system is engineered for safety, performance and less noise with an aerodynamic shape and molded, stainless steel reinforced housing. The Tech 21 touchless drying performance creates a clean, open tunnel for a pleasant experience.


The Hanna Stack-N-Scrub (SNS) Flex Wrap is a freestanding component designed to retrofit automatic bays and help existing operators compete with the fast pace Express conveyor market, as well as provide the new investor with a compact washing system suitable for a variety of property sizes.

Dual Pack Flex Wraps

Our Dual Pack Flex Wrap combines two sets of opposed flex wrap mounted on a single frame. The compact design allows maximum cleaning of the vehicles vertical surfaces utilizing the least amount of conveyor space. Each wrap has a high pivot point that allows the brush to move smoothly around the outer edges of even the largest vehicle.

Rotary Top Brush

The Rotary Top Brush is engineered to target specific problem areas including the front window, roof tops, hood, windshields and rear spoilers, and delivers the same great clean to small cars that it does to pickup trucks, SUVs or minivans.

Tire Washer

Tire Washer effectively cleans tires with its adjustable tension control, adjustable brush height, and 96″ (243.84 cm) long brush. It automatically adjusts to vehicle widths and comes with PVC entrance guides for vehicle safety. Hydraulic drive motors are mounted on the exit end of the brush for quick and easy accessibility. Simplified hose routing allows for easy installation.