Istobal is the leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of wash solutions for truck, bus, and rolling stock sectors. We export our products to more than 75 countries with a world-wide network of distributors, seven subsidiaries and two assembly plants in Europe, and two subsidiaries and manufacturing plants in the US and Brazil.

In the HeavyWash sector, we pride ourselves in understanding the needs of the client and finding solutions to exceed expectations. Washing trucks and busses is complex and requires an experienced team of professionals to guide you through the options available. At Harrell’s we have employees dedicated solely to this task… finding a solution for your washing needs! Architects, Engineers, and Planners – We can assist in your specifications. Please contact Harrell’s today for more information.


Truck and Bus Washing

HeavyWash Kube & Progress


Istobal HeavyWash Progress

Istobal HeavyWash Kube

Istobal School Bus HeavyWash

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