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Ultra High Efficiency Boilers: Xfyre & Xtherm

Harrell’s Car Wash Systems offers Raypak’s lineup of high efficiency boilers through Huron Valley.  Rated at up to 99% efficiency, the Raypak Xfyre and Xtherm boilers and water heaters, are space saving floor standing heaters with durable powder coated steel cabinets, sealed combustion heat exchanger, front mounted controls and top mount water inlet and outlet.  These units are tough, feature rich, and best of all – built by Raypak!

Single Xfyre units are available in 300,000 to 850,000 BTU’s and can be combined up to 8 units for up to 6,800,000 BTU’s

Raypak’s Xtherm model is available from 1,005,000 BTU to 2,000,000 BTU’s.