Custom Support Options

Water heaters and softeners, and spot free rinse systems are an integral part of successful washes. Without superior support equipment, your wash and your customers suffer. Great car washes have a powerhouse of machinery behind the scenes to ensure each vehicle gets a quality clean. Harrell’s is happy to get you hooked up with some of the best support equipment in the business.

Check out some of our featured products below or call us at (800)274-2777 for more information!

  • Water Heating

    Water Heating

    Boilers & Water Heaters

    Harrell’s Car Wash Systems offers quality water heating equipment from Huron Valley Sales. Huron Valley has the products, and more importantly, the product knowledge, to assist in designing your water heating systems to be cost effective and efficient.

    Huron Valley uses the finest products from the best suppliers to ensure that your system provides years of trouble free operation.  Huron Valley’s varied product lineup assures the car wash owner/operator of a quality product for every need or budget.

    Propak TM Ultra High Efficiency Boilers
    Raypak Ultra High Efficiency Boilers
    Propak Atmospheric Boilers and Water Heaters

  • Spot Free Rinse

    Spot Free Rinse

    A Finishing Touch

    Harrell’s Car Wash Systems has access to some of the best Spot Free Rinse units available on the market. Through our trusted vendors Carolina Pride and Huron Valley, we offer varying solutions based on the needs of your car wash. We focus on creating custom solutions for your particular needs, and stand behind the products we sell. Explore the following Spot Free Rinse solutions for more information:

    Carolina Pride Spot Free Rinse
    Huron Valley Spot Free Rinse

  • Water Softener

    Water Softener

    Soft Water. Deep Clean.

    There are several reasons to use softened water in your car wash. Most importantly, hard water impedes the cleaning process – causing you to use more chemicals. Second, hard water can reduce the life of your equipment by creating scale and mineral buildup.

    Solve both these problems with a Propak Water Softener. Our softeners are built with quality components to work reliably for years and coupled with one of our pre-plumbed softener manifolds will make your installation easier too. And each unit is preset for your feed water hardness prior to shipment. Through Huron Valley, Harrell’s Car Wash Systems has softeners available with continuous flow rates from 13 GPM to 176 GPM (depending on feedwater hardness).

    Huron Valley Water Softener