All About Automatic

In-bay automatics account for over 50% of all washes in the United States. Keep customers coming with crowd pleasing automatic equipment. Harrell’s Car Wash Systems is proud to provide advanced automatic technology from PDQ, ranging from the LaserWash 360 to the new ProTouch Icon. Depending on your site’s needs, we have the automatic equipment that’s right for your site.

Automatic car wash equipment from PDQ is now available with Illumination Systems that are sure to turn heads at your site. Check out our links below or give us a call at (800)274-2777 for more information!

  • LaserWash AutoXpress

    Specialized for Auto Dealers

    The LaserWash AutoXpress provides you and your customers with quick, exceptional cleaning that is unsurpassed by any other touch-free wash in the auto dealer industry. The LaserWash AutoXpress, provides an affordable automatic car wash designed exclusively for the auto dealer market.


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  • LaserWash® Series 360™ Plus

    All the Awesome of LaserWash360... Plus More

    With more than 10,000 LaserWashes shipped worldwide, PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., takes great pride in being the leader in the in-bay automatic vehicle wash industry. The new LaserWash 360 Plus raises the standard again with new revenue-enhancement features and total cost-of-ownership improvements that offer wash operators the opportunity to realize the industry’s highest return on investment.


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  • Moto Wash

    Innovation is Best

    With revolutionary techniques specifically designed to accommodate the growing numbers of motorcycles on the road today, the Moto Wash has transformed the two-hour hand cleaning we have all accepted as normal into a five-minute automated process. Experience the pride of a clean ride without the hassle of hand washing.

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  • Tandem Surfline

    Best of Both Worlds

    PDQ has taken our Tandem product to a new level, changing the friction in-bay automatic wash industry with a soft-touch machine like no other. The Tandem Surfline provides your customers with an exceptional wash experience incorporating an overhead design that creates a wide-open, easy-to-use wash bay.


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  • Access

    Secure. Flexible. Connected.

    Access is a powerful customer management system that offers complete site integration, marketing flexibility and multiple payment options.


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  • PDQ’s LaserGlow, ProGlow, OverGlow and PayGlow packages are sure to catch the eye of modern consumers. With bold customizable colors and a broad spectrum of elite services, these packages are automatic revenue boosters.


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  • MaxAir

    Quality Dryer Performance

    PDQ’s MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers. The key to MaxAir is optimizing air velocity and flow. Through innovative design, the MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer delivers high-velocity air to the vehicle surface – where it’s most important.


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  • SwingAir

    Improve Dryer Performance

    The SwingAir feature is available on both stand-alone and integrated MaxAir Drying Systems and can be ordered on new car wash equipment as well as added as a retrofit kit for existing ProTouch® Tandem, Laserwash® 360 or MaxAir® stand-alone sites.


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