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    Our Service Area

    Repair & Maintenance Services for Car Washes in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio & Kentucky

Providing a Roadmap for Success in the Car Wash Industry

Harrell’s Car Wash Systems has spent over 39 years delivering a formula for success to investors in the car wash industry. The key component of this formula involves providing investors, automobile dealerships, and convenience stores with the information and consultative support necessary to make informed decisions that result in a high rate of return on their investment. Our consultative approach allows investors to fully understand the technology requirements, resource commitment and financial investment it takes to be successful.

We assist you every step of the way. Our support includes guidance on such critical tasks as:

  • Analyzing your site selection and layout
  • Engaging building contractors
  • Helping locate financial institutions
  • Assessing modifications for remodeling an existing wash
  • Providing accurate financial data for assessing your return on investment

In addition, we have put together an industry-leading team of associates that include parts, solutions and equipment suppliers that provide a complete package of best in class solutions to our clients. From initial opportunity analysis to full site implementation, Harrell’s Car Wash Systems provides a complete, end to end, solution.

Post-Implementation Support: 24/7 Support to Address All Your Needs

Harrell’s Car Wash Systems provides repair and maintenance services for car washes in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. We offer 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year. Harrell’s Service Associates are provided with fully-equipped, take home service vehicles to ensure that our response time will be expedited in the event that you require after hours service. Many times, our Service Associates can repair your issue over the phone at no charge.

It is important to remember that this type of investment requires the proper time, subject matter expertise and support that Harrell’s Car Wash Systems can provide. Please contact our team for help mapping your road to success in the car wash industry.